A Victorian Garden Intorduction

Victorian gardens are popular with a lot of experienced gardeners. Its classic and elegant look can really make its designer be proud of his creation. The design philosophy of a Victorian style garden was founded on the basic belief of people during life in the Victorian era and that is man as a master over the elements. Hence, the basic principle of these gardens is all about order and neatness which depicts man’s superiority over all others. It is common to see plants growing in very neat orders. There are no stray branches in the flowers and shrubs that line the borders. Everything is controlled and manicured. Even the edges of ponds are made to be perfectly straight. Geometry is such a big deal in a garden like this. Tidiness is also paramount in maintaining this type of garden.

Elements of a Victorian Garden

      • The Lawn


      • Shrubs (or Vines)


      • Flowers, preferably Victorian Roses


      • Exotic Trees


      • Ornamental Statues


The Lawn

The focal point is an immaculate and sprawling lawn. Going along the lines of neatness and formality, the lawn in this type of garden are perfectly-shaped. In grand estates there are usually a front lawn and a lawn at the back. The design of the Victorian garden is built around the lawn.

Shrubs and Vines

Shrubs are used to line the borders of the garden. They are used to hide less attractive fences and are also used in framing doorways and large bay windows. Vines are also grown for the same purpose. Foot paths are also lined with shrubs along its sides.


Victorian roses are some of the more common flowers you can see. These roses are typically seen climbing over trellises. However, as the Victorians are renowned for its wealth, exotic plants from all over the world are a feature of this garden. Following the Victorian call for neatness and order, the carpet bedding flowers were all of the same height. However, a design called “herbaceous border” called for the varying height of flowers to bring out its intrinsic beauty rather than being used as carpet bedding. The herbaceous border lines the flowers in ascending order in terms of height and these are lined along the shrub borders. Flowers are also lines along the foot walk of the house and also planted in window boxes.

Exotic Trees

Exotic trees are also a characteristic of a Victorian garden. The trees are strategically placed to provide shade to open areas of the house and along the street side to hide the property from plain sight thereby providing privacy. The trees also framed the doorways of the house and also lined along the entryway.

Garden Decor

Like other types of gardens, these gardens also includes ornamental stone statues in its design. Among the choices are stone gargoyles or cherubs. Gazing balls or crystal balls can also be incorporated into the design. Urns that come in pair are often lined along the balustrade. These ornaments are placed to be as decorative as possible in addition to its functionality. Benches made from rustic wood or cast iron are placed under the shade of the trees. Gazebos are a nice touch that can also be included.

A Touch of Formality and Elegance

Everything about these gardens pays respect to neatness and order. A Victorian garden is not only applicable to large spaces. The design can also be made to fit in smaller backyards or front lawns. This garden brings a touch of formality and elegance to your home.

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