Should You Grow Perennials or Annuals?

Choosing whether perennials or annuals to go in your garden can be really fun and exciting, yet a lot of things have to be considered as well. You have to learn more of the plants you want to plant in your garden.

Annuals and perennials are general classifications of plants that are commonly planted in our gardens.

Annuals are they type of plants whose life cycle is about a year long and some are even as short as only a few weeks long.

Annuals whose life cycles are less than a year are called true annuals.

Perennials on the other hand have life cycles that are more than toe years in duration and even longer. Some perennial even survive up to 20 years, but that is all dependent on the species of the plant. There are some plants that are naturally perennial in nature when they are grown in their native habitat. Yet, when they are planted in other foreign places that are different from their native habitat they tend to behave like annual plants on the account that they cannot survive the new environment. In which they are grown.

When it comes to planting in your garden you have to choose what type of plant you want to grow whether its perennials or annuals, is it the short-lived or the long-lasting plants? You can choose to plant annual plants exclusively or perennial plants only. Some people also like to combine annual and perennial plants in their garden.

perennials or annuals

Going with a garden with a mix of annuals and perennials means that your plants have different life cycles and so they have different blooming times in the year. That would be really great since your garden will be beautiful and colorful for most part of the year. Yet, it also implies that the maintenance need of plants will be attended to at different times of the year unlike when your garden is planted with annuals exclusively where you would anticipate their need for fertilizer basically at the same time of the year.

However, when going in the direction of planting similar classification of plants in your garden you will find that there are good points about the idea too. For example, if your garden is planted will annual plants exclusively, this means that every year the plants will die and you will have to replant again. A good thing about this is that you can plant an all new variety of plant the next year. On the other hand, if your garden is planted exclusively with perennials, this means that there is less work for you during the next coming years since you only have to maintain perennial plants. You do not have to replant them many times.

On making a list of the plants to get, whether perennials or annuals, it is not so difficult to know or identify one from the other even if you are just a beginner. You can find a lot of literature that classifies plants as either annuals or perennials. Even labels of pre-packed seeds have some sort of product description that tells you the classification of the plant.

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