When to Plant Your Garden

When to plant your garden is very crucial. Beginning gardeners should know all about it before they even start planting. You cannot just walk down to the space where you intend to have your garden and start flinging some seeds hoping that in a few days something will grow already.

Preparation has to be done before anyone can start planting.

It is important to estimate the capacity of a plant to survive in the environment you are planning to put it to. If you live in the temperate zone, consider when the last frost of winter is upon planning to start on planting. If you are not sure when it is then look it up on websites or ask around in weather stations. When to plant your garden is significant, plants are ideally planted when the ground is warm already. The weather could be sunny out yet the ground still is cold. The plant would not fare well in that condition. Plants that grow during the spring should be planted around a week after the date of the last frost to make sure that the ground is warm enough already.

when to plant

Planting too early in the spring when the frost has not yet completely passed away could damage or even freeze your plant. You could lose a lot of the time, effort and money you have invested and you even have to re do it all over again. Plant8ing too late in the season though could also have an effect on the plants. It could mean that it will be too late for them to develop properly. Just when the rest of the flowers are blooming already, your plants could just still on the budding process. It does not get to grow up to it maximum potential especially if the season for the peak of its beauty is coming to a close.

The dates of when the last frost of the winter season usually varies according to the geographical location. An easy trick to remember is the general rule that more northern a place is the later the date of the last frost is. Consider those who live in Arkansas, the average date of the last frost is around the early part of April. However, those who live further in the north may have a later date of the last frost. It is not so difficult really.

Each Plant is Unique

How each plant grows is unique so knowing when to plant your garden is always advisable. Of course we are a witness to that as we see how some plants could grow with a span covering more than eight feet in diameter while there are also those who grow naturally thin and spindly that they grow close by one another. Hence, when we buy pre-packaged seeds, it usually comes with an instruction on how far the seeds should be planted from one another. Of course, some may scoff at the idea since the seeds are so small and everything. Yet, when the time it grows, you will finally understand the reason why such instructions have been made.

When to plant your garden and right timing is very crucial for the healthy development and growth of plants. Hence, one should consider this before even beginning to plant.

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