Home Garden Pest Control

Home garden pest control is a necessity when it comes to your own personal garden. You have worked hard on your garden. You did everything to beautify it and make your plants grow healthy. You invested money, time and effort on it.

Now, from your window you see your garden and you feel a swell of pride. It is you work of art.

Yet, it does not remain as beautiful as it ever will be because it will always be threatened by the presence of pests that might ransack your plants and destroy all the fruits of your labor.

It is a subject we’d rather not talk about. Yet, it also happens to be a reality so true that we cannot fail to ignore it when talking about gardening.


Gardens pests however can be managed and stopped from ruining your beloved garden. However, knowing which type of garden pest to keep away from your plants is essential since each pest will be handled differently than the next one.

3 Common Types of Garden Pests



There are literally too many insects that we encounter everyday in our gardens. There are good insects that actually benefit the plants in pollination like the bees and butterflies.

However, there are also bad insects that harm the plants wherein a home garden pest control is needed. Locusts are among the most renowned insect that destroy not just gardens but fields of crops. Harmful will eat the leaves and damage the soft branches and even the flowers and buds.

The insects we encounter are usually unique to the place where we live so there are a range of insect control products that are available in the local market to ward them away from our garden. Home garden pest control exterminators can also be hired to fumigate our garden and the nearby area within our house to make sure that the habitat of these harmful insects is destroyed.



Animals can pose a very huge risk to our plants. Dog just love to dig and they could do that in your newly planted garden. Cats, well, they could use your vegetable garden as a litter box. Rats could gnaw their way to the roots of your plants and destroy them.

If you live in a farm, then your plants will also be at risk from chickens pecking on the leaves and cows eating the whole plant.

Not to mention, cows could easily squash our plants and ruin the whole garden. Yet, you really can’t do anything more about the damage once it’s done. The best that you could do is by protecting your plants with fences that could keep these animals away.



Fungi are something that you cannot tell directly to be attacking your plants until it has been severely damaged already. By then, the disease brought about by fungi can be so extensive already, that there is little hope for survival of your plant, that is why you need a home garden pest control.

With home garden pest control even having fungi secretly attacking your plants is very hard to deal with. Among the elements that can damage the plants, the fungi probably the hardest to handle.

However, the key in dealing with plant diseases caused by fungi in your plants is by deterring their growths in the first place to keep them from spreading into undamaged plants. You may lose some owing to fungi, but at least you will have a few plants left for the next season and you ending up not totally losing your garden and the rest of your investment.

Dealing with garden pests is no rocket science. Yet, it comes with facing the fact that you really have to lose some of what you worked hard for in order to learn your lesson. Home garden pest control is something that should be considered even before you start planting in your garden so that it cannot be damaged by these pests. It saves you some money and the trouble that you have to go through in repairing your garden.

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Garden Insects or Pests

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Keeping Pests Of Your Garden

medianet_width='300'; medianet_height= '250'; medianet_crid='138964988'; Keeping pests of your garden is one major attribute in showing how we love our garden. We invested money, time, effort and hard work in making our gardens beautiful and our plants healthy. We definitely do not want to see anybody or anything for that matter trampling over our beloved plants. If somebody makes that mistake, their ears would be ringing for days. Yet, what if it’s your beloved pets that tramp