Tips for Gardening with Kids

Gardening with kids in today’s world can be a lot of fun both for you and your kids. Every family needs a little quality family time with one another. There are many activities that a family can do together and one of them is this.

Parents should involve their kids in doing gardening at an early age, provided of course that the activities that they let kids do are safe for their age. Kids being kids love to play in the dirt.

gardening with kids

Gardening is one activity that lets kids get their hands dirty and have fun while still being able to learn a lot from the experience and they get to do it with their parents.

Tips to Make Gardening with Kids Fun

When planning a gardening with kids, it is best to write down a list of things that they could do and arrange them accordingly. Kids have very short attention spans and so they get easily bored doing just one activity. The following are tips to make gardening with your kids a fun, enjoyable and truly meaningful experience.

• Let your kids choose what they want to plant. Have an assortment of seeds ready and let them choose. Try to use seeds of vegetables that your kids like to eat so that it would be more meaningful to them. It is also advisable to choose a plant that grows quickly and tall like a sunflower.

• If you have a handful of kids, divide your garden into sections for each of your kids can plant their seeds. Choose a spot that your kids often walk by and see their garden. Let you kids put up signs that bear their name and their plant and they can see how fast their plants grow.

• Kids love to get messy, so let them play with the dirt by digging up holes where their seeds will be planted. Teach them how to prepare the soil before placing their seeds. Let them use kid-sized gardening tools so that they will feel like they are doing what grown-ups do and they can assert their independence. After preparing the soil, allow your kids the liberty of putting the seeds in the soil. If there are seeds that require a technique, just let your kids cover the seed with soil.

kid in garden

• Give each of your kids their own identical gardening tools so that there will be no fighting. Having their own tools helps them assert their independence to take care of their plants.

• Teach your kids how and when to remove weeds that grow around their plants. Also teach them when to water the plants as well. As your kids see their plant growing, they will really appreciate the efforts in gardening.

• Let your kids do their gardening independently. Do not spoon-feed them. Instead challenge them to ask question. Allow them to make their own mistakes. In that way, they will truly learn.

Gardening with kids is definitely very rewarding experience and your kids will surely learn a lot from it. Parents could teach the valuable life lessons to their kids as they stress the importance of gardening. They learn how to be responsible and independent. They also learn to be patient. Most importantly, they learn the value of hard work. If they planted vegetables, let them harvest and eat it, so that they will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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