Seems like common knowledge, doesn’t it, that a gardener needs a shovel?

But many people overlook this very common and yet very necessary gardening tool.

There two different varieties of shovels used for gardening, a flat head shovel and a spade.


A flat head shovel is designed to move soil and has a flat, shallow end on it. A spade, which is more often associated with gardening, has a concave pan that is shaped into a point so that it can easily be shoved into the soil and used to break up clumps of soil. Ideally, you should have both a flat head shovel and a spade in your gardening tool kit but if you have to choose just one then you should choose the spade. You will need your shovels a lot when you are gardening so don’t skimp on quality to save money. Buy the best quality shovels you can afford.

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