Pruning Shears

pruning shears

Pruning shears are something that every gardener must have. Pruning shears are double edged straight shears where the blades line up with the handles. Pruning shears are used to trim cuttings, cut flowers, cut dead leaves from plants, trim hedges, and virtually every other task for which you need to cut something in the garden.

Pruning shears give a more precise cut than scissors and are designed to cut through thick foliage and stems without tearing the plant. Because pruning shears are such an essential piece of gardening equipment, you should always buy the best pair you can afford. It’s possible to get a decent pair of pruning shears for under $10 but you will probably end up replacing them fairly quickly. However, if you spend a bit more, say $50 or more, then those higher quality shears should last two or three seasons or even more if you oil them and take care of them properly.

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