Native Or Non-Native Plants

Native or non-native plants is a never ending debate whether which or what type of plants are better to use in your garden.

Native plants are the plants which naturally grow in your area or region and the non-native plants are the plants that do not typically grow in your region.

For example, palm trees are native to the Hawaiian tropics because they grow there naturally while they are not native if planted in the temperate areas.

People who support the cause against the planting of non-native plants claim that non-native plants disrupt the balance of the local environment since those plants affect the local ecological balance. Animals and the plant life of the area do not yet live in symbiosis with the non-native plants. They prefer using native plants in their garden instead because this cycle of nature in their area that has been going on for many years already gets preserved. Furthermore, the native plants already grow well in the area to begin with, so it does not have a problem with the climate and the soil temperature on content either.

Almost every place in the world has been reached by developers save the rainforests of course. Yet, everyplace that is near human settlement is being considered as an area for potential development. This development also includes removing the native or non-native plants and animal life in an area.


Protectors of the environment are all for saving the plants and animal’s natural homes. Yet, it is not all the time that nature activists would win the battle. In the end a lot of these place places get stripped and turned into a concrete edifice.

Native plants could be endangered should this continue to happen.

Advocates of native plants are all for planting them in the locality to restore the balance in the area’s ecology that has been disrupted by the rise of developments.

On the other end of the line advocate of using non-native plants claim that by planting non-native plants in the local area new hybrids plants will form with the native plants. Hence, nature does not remain stagnant as evolution takes place.

As a beginning gardener, you have lesser experience and background to defend your stand. A lot of people may seem to want to create gardens that make use of non-native plants.

In native or non-native plants. As a general rule, native plants grow better if they are in their own native environment. Hence bringing in non-native plants to your region may result with you in doubling up your efforts to meet the needs of the non-native plants in order for them to survive the new and foreign environment and everything that comes along with it.

Sticking with planting native plants in your garden may be the easiest for beginning gardeners. Native plants would definitely grow easily in its natural environment, thus you will not have so much difficulty in making them grow healthy and beautifully. You may find that it is easier to succeed in growing native plants in your garden the first time you plant something in your garden.

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