Garden Hose

garden hose

Having a good garden hose is essential for gardening. You will be spending a lot of time watering your plants and keeping them watered throughout the gardening season. You may think one hose is as good as another but that’s not true. Hoses, like other gardening implements, come in lots of different price ranges and qualities.

Have you ever tried to unkink a cheap garden hose? Or wind a cheap hose back up into a neat pile? If so, then you know that spending a little more money for a high quality garden hose is well worth the extra expense. Always look for a garden hose that has five wall construction and real brass fittings. These hoses will last longer and be easier to work with. You should also invest in a hose rack to wind the hose around. Using a rack is an easy way to keep your hose tangle free and neatly coiled.

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