Adding Nutrients To The Soil

We all want to have healthy plants. Yet they key to growing plants healthy is to have a rich soil. However, not all garden soil is ready to be planted owing to the fact that they do not contain enough of the needed t\nutrients to make plants grow healthy.

In order to have a garden that is ideal for planting, the soil must be prepared and built up with all the right kinds of nutrients. This can be done by adding fertilizers or compost to the garden soil. This is just one of the ways to help prevent common garden problems such as growing unhealthy and sickly or even dying plants. That kind of thin happens because the soil itself is not rich enough to sustain plant growth. Good fertilizers or compost are the key to making your soil rich before you start planting in your garden.

The following are some problems you encounter in your garden tat can be solved by adding fertilizers or compost:

Micronutrients in the soil are not enough

Nutrients are what keeps the plants healthy alive and even beautiful. Apart from the sun’s light, these are the things needed in order for the plants go into the process of photosynthesis and manufacture their food. If the soil is lacking in the essential micronutrients that help the plants grow, then problems in the plants will arise.  Some could have a delayed or stunted growth while some may be less resistant to plant diseases.


Not all types of soil are ideal for plant growth. Soil that is high in clay content has the tendency to clump together and get compacted easily. When compaction happens, the roots of the plant cannot penetrate down to the deeper layers to absorb more nutrients that are essential for plant growth. If you see a cat litter that clumps together and forms into rock-like and rock-hard formations, then that is just how clay-rich soils act like.

What you can do when this happens is to add fertilizer or compost. They will not only add more nutrients into the soil, it will also prevent compaction making it easier for the roots to penetrate and take hold of the nutrient rich layers.

Depletion of nutrients

When you plant in the garden, it is natural that the plant will absorb all the essential nutrients they can get. This has to happen because the plants need to grow and they need those nutrients for growth to occur. Over time the nutrients in the soil gets depleted and eventually you are left with a soil that is poor in the nutrients that plants need. Obviously, this is not the ideal soil condition where you plant your plants.

The nutrients have to be replenished in order to make the soil suitable for planting once again. You can do this by adding the essential fertilizers that contain essential nutrients for plant growth.

A rich soil determines how healthy your plants will turn out. It is always best to have all the necessary nutrients present in the soil before planting than grow an unhealthy plant and salvage what is left of it. You certainly will not enjoy seeing that at all.