Even if you have a very small garden you will find that you have a lot of things that need to be moved around in your garden. Bags of mulch and fertilizer, plants, composting material, wood chips, plant food, pulled weeds and clippings, and, of course, your gardening tools. Moving all of that stuff around can be heavy and tedious, so invest in a good quality wheelbarrow to help you move the heavy stuff around.

You may think that one wheelbarrow is as good as another but that’s not always true. When you go to buy a wheelbarrow, give it a test drive just like you would a car or bike. Wheel it around the store and make sure that it’s not too heavy for you to move. Even if seems light in the store, it will be heavy when you have stuff in it so make sure you can easily move it and that handles are a comfortable distance apart for your arms before you buy.

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