Organic Gardening

In the recent years the trend in gardening have revolutionized from utilizing artificial fertilizers to organic ones. It seems that everyone nowadays has been on the whole save the planet earth thing and organic gardening is high up on that list.

There are a lot of books and magazines and web pages all featuring tidbits of information regarding organic gardening and how to do it. Yet, what is organic gardening really all about?

Organic gardening is gardening using all-natural raw materials to nourish the plants in your garden. Simply put, organic gardening does not use any synthetic or man-made fertilizers or synthetic pesticides and insect killers. Everything from plant nourishment and pest control and enriching the soil to be planted are all going in the direction of saying no to anything artificial. Thinking along these lines, we can say that organic gardening is very pro mother earth.

organic gardening

When you already have healthy plants then you do not need to fuss anymore about it because it is already doing great. Perhaps a little reinforcement is all that is needed. Yet, the key to growing a healthy plant is a good soil that is teeming with nutrients. By the principles of organic gardening it means that you do not use fertilizers instead you use compost. Compost is very rich in nutrients and it provides an ideal environment for plant growth in terms of the nutrient content and the moisture content as well. Planting on this ground will help in growing health plants that are resistant to plant diseases.

Furthermore, planting on a rich organic ground minimizes the need for plant enhancers and other additives. Your plant is already healthy enough without those artificial substances.

Organic gardening takes a bit of preparation before you can start doing it. You can’t just do everything in one day either. For some people who are in a hurry, they are having second thoughts on the subject. Yet, you should put your worried thoughts to a rest because organic gardening is totally worth it. Firstly, since organic gardening goes along the lines of protecting the environment against toxic compounds that come along with using inorganic fertilizers. These toxic wastes could seep into the ground water and lead to poisoning should it contaminate the water we drink. Some plants are known to take up more than just what it needs that sometimes it absorbs the inorganic compounds as well. These could go into the frits that we eat and we could get sick from it. Organic gardening eliminates these threats to our health

Organic gardening is very cost effective. You hardly spend any money in making compost to prepare your soil. Furthermore, all the raw materials you will need for composting can be found right in your home. This whole business takes the act of recycling to a whole new level since we will be recycling our biodegradable wastes. It is easy to make too.

Organic gardening is a very healthy way to do gardening. Not only do you spend a lot of money on the stuff needed to grow your plants, you also have a clear conscience knowing that you did not contribute to any destruction of the environment of threaten peoples’ lives.

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