Grass Turf

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Legacy Buffalo Grass Plugs

Legacy Buffalo Grass was developed by the University of Nebraska and released for sale in 2000, Legacy« changed the way people look at buffalograss turf. It has a dark blue-green color and only grows 3 to 5 inches high. Its dense canopy of fine leaf … Read More

Prestige Buffalo Grass Plugs

Prestige is the latest release from the University of Nebraska. It outperforms all other varieties of buffalograss in the southern and southeastern United States. It has exceptional disease and insect resistance. Prestige also has fine soft blades wi… Read More

UC Verde Buffalo Grass Plugs

The University of California released this remarkable grass in 2003. UC Verde produces a dense turf of soft, bright-green, very fine leaf blades. Due to it’s inability to handle humidty, it is an excellent choice for the dry hot conditions found in … Read More

Blue Grama (Native Grass) Plugs

‘Hachita’Ö Blue Grama is the most vigorous selection of this beautiful native grass from the western Great Plains. Beloved for its ‘£eyelash’¥ seed heads, it can also be mowed once a month to create a soft, inviting lawn. Quite xeric, ‘Hachita’Ö Blue… Read More

Zoysia Grass Plugs

Zoysia grass provides the benefits of using less water than bluegrass or fescue and in general requires less maintenance. Nature Hills Nursery offers plugs of Zenith zoysia. We suggest using plugs because the seed is very slow to germinate, making it… Read More

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF) Seed

RTF Turf Saver Turf Grass Seed always contains the best available varieties of turf type tall fescue. Now with the addition of the first RTF variety ever, Labarinth, Turf Saver with RTF sets a new standard for home lawns. Not only is the Turf Saver w… Read More

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