Picking Your Plants by Theme

Themed gardens are fun and beautiful to look at. It is bringing a piece of something right into your home.

If you plan to go with a particular garden theme, it would be much easier for you to go ahead and plan your garden since you already have a vague idea of what you want your garden to look like and the kind of plants you’d like to see.

choosing plants

An example of a themed garden is an English Country garden. You have the idea of what garden you would want and if you do not know where to begin all you have to do is run a few searches on the topic over the internet or look into gardening catalogs. These will show you all the plants and flowers that is related to the theme of the garden you want. Take note of the names and maybe you could even get a picture of those plants. Then, all you have to do is find the ones that grow best in your area given the type of climate and type of soil.

Your library is a good source of books and gardening catalogs that could help you in your search for plants to be used in your themed garden. The good thing about going to the library is that you do not have to spend anything on the books. They just lend it to you free of charge. The librarian could even show you where to find those in case you get lost in the dusty shelves. Furthermore, your local gardening club may also own a several books on the topic as well. They could even give you advice on your garden,

The internet is also a very good source of plant ideas for your garden theme. There are so many websites that feature themed gardens. Other related topics on such as gardening tips can also be found. Numerous professional gardeners and garden designers offer their gardening ideas online for free. They also share a lot of their gardening experiences with themed gardens that you could definitely learn a lot from if you are a beginning gardener. Most of them will tell you how to add your own personal tough in your garden so that it will not look like some generic copy of the real thing but a garden that practically screams of what you are. With just a few clicks, you get all that and even s o much more.

Just because you are going in the direction of having a themed garden does not mean that you will not find the plants that you can add in your garden from your locality. Take a drive within your area. After you have browsed through so many pictures of plants and flowers you should be able to recognize them by now. This would also tell you that a particular plant would fare well in your area and hence in your garden a s well because you have already seen it growing there already. If you want to see more plants that grow in your area that would fit into your themed garden, you could perhaps take a look at botanical gardens in your locality. The staff for sure will really help you on getting started.

It is not so hard to pick out the plants that will go into your themed garden. There are so many sources of ideas and a lot of people who are also gardening aficionados are more than will to share their expertise with you.

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