Is Using Plant Food Really Necessary?

A lot of beginning gardeners will invest on everything they feel that is necessary for their plants to grow healthy, well and beautiful.

Yet, seasoned gardeners are oftentimes sceptical on the idea of using plant food that they even question its necessity when planting.

Before even starting to plant on the garden, the soil is already prepared. That is, it has been infused with the necessary nutrients that plants will need in order to grow well by adding fertilizers or compost into the soil.

So why should you even add plant food when the plants already have all the necessary nutrients it need from the soil? The answer is both a yes and a no.

It is true that the soil is already prepared to give the plants all the necessary nutrients it needs even before you start planting. However, as the plants continue to absorb and use those nutrients, eventually all of those would be used up and if you do not supplement it, then the plants will have no more source of nutrients to supply its continuous need to grow. That’s where plant food comes in. Plant food is necessary for when the time comes that the nutrients in the soil gets used up so that the plant will still have a nutrient source that would fuel its growth. Plant food is not the same as the food we people have to eat everyday. You do not have to give it everyday to plants but in regular intervals and along with regular watering, your garden should grow healthy and plants will be at their most beautiful.

liquid plant food

The market sells a variety of plant foods. When you walk into a gardening store you would amazed at the choices of plant food that they have to offer.

Of course you want what is best for your plant and you want to get your money’s worth as well. Most of the plant foods available have the same basic ingredients which are necessary for plants.

However, just like everything else, quality comes with the price. If you want high quality plant food that promises the best for your plants then it should be an investment that you are willing to risk spending a little bit more money than usual.

Types of Plant Foods

There are two common preparations of plant foods that are available. One comes in a liquid form and is sprayed onto the plants. The other kind comes in solid granules that are scattered in the soil near the plant’s base. They say that the spray form is more economical owing to the fact that it has a lesser waste and everything that you spray goes directly to the plants. However, experts are still not convinced whether the spray form is really absorbed by the plants or not or if it is as effective as the granular form where the nutrients are indeed absorbed by the plants through their roots. If you choose to use the granular form it may be recommended that you mix it with fertilizers or with mulch. If you wish to add it separately make sure that you water it after putting in the plant food so that absorption is facilitated.

plant food granules

Each preparation of plant food is designed for a specific kind of plant. For example, you can hardly use granules for aerial plants so you will have to make use of the spray form instead. There are also formulas of plant foods that are specific top some kinds of plants.

If you want to be more cost-effective, consider getting a formula of plant food that works well with all types of plants.

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